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  • Mono threads for double chin

Welcome to Teeth Movers and More!
Cosmetic Medicine and Dental Services

At Teeth Movers and More, we focus on the whole face. We offer total face treatment including skin and teeth, from toxins and non surgical facelifts to orthodontics and dental implants, and everyday dentistry. Why go anywhere else for your dental health and beauty needs?

A beautiful smile is indeed the foundation of the face, but here at Teeth Movers and More, we not only give you dental health, but can also continue the journey with facial aesthetics. This may include lip support, enhanced cheek or chin using dermal fillers and/or the latest technique of PDO threads to accentuate the best new you.

Your smile is your window to the world. Your skin is a close second. We can offer a whole solution or just bit by bit, as natural and as calmly as you would like to take your cosmetic or dental journey. You want to feel comfortable when you laugh, take photos or just carry on with every day conversations. At Teeth Movers and More, we not only specialise in creating beautiful, healthy and functional smiles, but also give you the confidence of getting back your youthful self. If you want to feel secure when you smile and laugh, we can help.

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