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Dental Services

No interest Payment Plans accepted for all comprehensive treatments.

  1. Orthodontics, both fixed and removable, Children and Adults- including pre-teen growth plates.
  2. Implants- from implant placement to crown placement (all inclusive from start to finish)
  3. Crown and Bridge- When a tooth is broken down or an implant isn’t an option
  4. Root Canals- Incisors to Molars
  5. Extractions- Free if implant placement occurs* (price adjustment at end of treatment)
  6. Tooth Coloured Composite Fillings
  7. Cleanings and Deep Cleanings- Including Scaling and RootPlaning with local anaesthesia
  8. Soft Tissue Laser treatments
  9. Mouth Makeovers with Veneers and comprehensive treatment plans involving a mixture of the above…Or include a few of our Medical Aesthetic options for a glamorous new you!
  10. No: IV Sedation,Dentures/Partial Dentures or Lower Wisdom tooth extractions performed.


Treatment requires retainers at the end. There is a non-refundable deposit at commencement of treatment and payments are to be made each visit, with $500 being the smallest amount of payment at each visit. Visits are required each 'month', but may be anywhere from 3-5 weeks apart. The total must be paid off before removal of braces. There is no interest and GST is inclusive - no hidden costs. All treatment is included, except retainers, which are mandatory.

A consultation appointment is mandatory.

  • Step 1


    Your first appointment is the consultation. At this appointment you will have already downloaded the New Patient Exam form and either submitted it online or have it ready to bring to your first appointment with Dr. Kathleen Sandberg.

    She will go over anything important in your medical history or answer any questions you may have related to this.

    This consultation appointment is quick and painless. Kathleen will take a look at both your teeth and your face and discuss what treatment options are available to you.

    If Kathleen doesn’t feel it is within her scope of practice to continue to treat you, then she will be more than happy to send you to a specialist orthodontist for further discussions on how best to treat your specific specialist needs.

  • Step 2

    Initial appointment

    This appointment will take around 2 hours. Please be aware that you can not book this until you have had your consultation appointment with Dr. Kathleen Sandberg.

    At this appointment, you will have “records” taken. You will need photos (intra-oral only), X-rays and impressions/moulds for study models. Your “worst” arch (top or bottom) will be fitted first. You may not get all of the brackets placed on all of the teeth of that arch, depending on the crowding and position of the teeth.

  • Step 3

    Recurring appointments

    These appointments occur anywhere from 3-6 weeks. People normally think of these appointments as “getting their braces tightened”.

    This is also where additional brackets are placed, as teeth come into alignment/archform.

    Sometimes, a small amount of space is necessary to achieve a movement, (but not enough to warrant a tooth extraction), so a procedure called “inter proximal reduction” takes place. This is a reshaping of the contact point between the teeth and allows the teeth to align better.

    Click here for more information on Interproximal Reduction

  • Step 4


    When both the patient/parent and Dr. Kathleen Sandberg feel the treatment has come to an end, the braces are removed and retainers are given. Generally, the upper teeth will have a removable retainer that will require another quick appointment to fit it, while the bottom teeth may be fitted with a fixed retainer that same day, or you may choose a removable option. Photos will be taken of your new beautiful smile for the records and you will be free to show off to all of your friends.

    Please Note: Retainers are very important and are required for all patients.

Growth Plates

These are utilised prior to the start of fixed orthodontics and can only be used while the child is in the growth phase, typically between the ages of 9-13. Examples include Palatal Expander Therapy and Twin Block Therapy. They are a separate cost to braces, and may preempt the need for braces in later teen years.

The first appointment consists of X-rays, photos and moulds. The deposit of $1,500 is due at this appointment. The lab will make the appliance and then a second appointment is made for delivery approximately 2 weeks later. One month later, a review appointment will be made. Growth Plates are generally worn for approximately 1 year. There will be 3 additional appointments at no charge within this year to make adjustments to the plate(s) as necessary.

Click here for more information on the difference betwen growth plates and braces.

Click here for more information on how growth plates work.

A consultation appointment is mandatory.


  • Invisalign®
  • There is a non-refundable deposit of $4,500 for all Invisalign® cases. The total cost of treatment must be paid off at the “delivery of first set of aligners”. There is no payment plan option for Invisalign®. Retainers at the end of treatment are an extra cost for each arch. All treatment is included, except retainers, which are mandatory.

    A consultation appointment is mandatory.

Dental Implant Surgery - Including Computer Guided

For those missing even one tooth, an unsightly gap is actually the least significant problem. What is of far greater concern is the bone loss that inevitably follows tooth loss. Dental implants can preserve bone, improve function and enhance psychological well-being. You may not notice when you smile at yourself in the mirror, but when you talk to people and laugh, it may be a different story. The space on the side of your mouth, for instance, most likely will show to others during normal conversation.

Many people are surprised at how relatively easy dental implant surgery is. We, as humans, know that it is natural to let our imaginations get the best of us before going through a procedure such, as implant surgery. But the reality is that most patients experience no pain during the the surgery and have very little discomfort afterward. Dr. Sandberg will have met you prior to the procedure for an in-depth consultation and will go over everything so that you are made to feel comfortable for the “big” day. She can also give you sedatives to help relax you, should you choose.

Computer guided surgery is standard to provide precise, safe, and predictable results.

The initial visit includes X-rays (2-D), however, a 3-D scan will be necessary and will need to be done at an imaging centre, and is an additional cost.

  • Dental Implants

  • Step 1

    The Implant

    Dr. Sandberg only uses Osstem® and BioHorizons® premium titanium dental implants. This implant literally becomes the new "root portion" of where the tooth used to be. During a minor surgical procedure, the implant is placed beneath the gum, into the jawbone. Over the course of a few months, it will actually become part of your jawbone by fusing to it, in a process known as osseointegration.

  • Step 2

    The Implant Crown

    After a few months of healing (osseointegration), the implant will then need an implant crown, which is like the crown portion of your old tooth (the part that you chew on and see when you smile). At this appointment, an impression is taken and sent to the laboratory and your new crown will be ready to put on top of your implant in just a few weeks. During the entire procedure, it may be possible to have a temporary crown on the tooth, (for aesthetic purposes, for example).